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Messing & andere Metalle

Hier finden Sie alle unsere Produkte aus Messing und andere Metallgegenstände.

Vor allem werden Sie hier einen Auszug aus unserem mannigfaltigen Sortiment an kunstvoll bearbeiteten indischen Messingstatuen finden. Es handelt sich dabei hauptsächlich um hinduistische Götterstatuen, wie z.B. Ganesha, Krishna, Laxmi, usw., in allen möglichen Ausführungen und Größen, über Buddha Statuen, Tibetische Dorjees, Glocken und anderen Ritualgegenständen, bis hin zu Glückssymbolen wie Elefanten, Löwen und anderen Statuen, verschiedenen Gebrauchs- und Dekorationsgegenständen. Die Größen variieren zwischen ein paar Meter großen Figuren für Innenräume und Verandas bis zu wenige Zentimeter großen Dekorationsgegenständen und Glücksbringer. Die Messingfiguren sind kunstvoll verziert, sind künstlerischer Ausdruck traditionellen indischen Kunsthandwerks, und jedes Stück strahlt eine individuelle spezielle Energie aus.


Klangschalen und Statuen

Singing bowls
Mainly handmade, starting from 8cm up to as much as 45cm and more. We offer a huge variety of singing bowls in different finishes. The weight varies from 200 Gramms up to 10 Kg and more. The prices are calculated on a Kg. base.
These Coasteres are placed under the bowls and can also be used as coasters for different drums. We have them in different sizes (10cm - 35 cm) and colours.
Ganesha sitting
Ganesha is one of the most popular and reknown gods of India. He stands for luck in new endeavours, for happy nature, for serenity and joy. His humility can be seen by means of his servant, being only a small mouse.
Goddess Laxmi
Laxmi is the wife of Vishnu. She represents his might as his Shakti (inherent energy). Her domains are prosperity, wealth, fertility and fortune.
Dancing Shiva, Natraj
One of the most famous symbols of Hinduism. In this form Shiva is also linked with Agni, the fire god. The ring of fire that sorrounds him represents the dance of existence itself. As Nataraja he is known as dancing Shiva, as Natesvara he is known as Lord of the dance.
Lord Krishan playing the flute
In this portrayal he is giving the message of peace, love and harmony to his disciples.
Krishna is mostly a warrior god, but wouldn´t be worshipped as half a he is being now, if he wasn´t also famous for his compasionate and loving ways. In this posture he is mostly watching his herd.
The conception of the Bodhisattva lies in the Mahayana and has been elaborated in the Vajrajana. The Bodhisattva declines his personal nirvana and decides to stay inside samsara for as long as all beings have reached nirvana. We have a selection of different sizes of the green and the white Tara.
Goddess Kali
In this posture the Goddess Kali is supposed to animate the corpse (Sava) transforming it into the God Siva (Shiva). Although Kali is understood as a Goddess of death, she obviously also represents the aspects of a loving mother.
Lokeshwara is worshipped as a buddhist deity, also living in samsara. He is a vey benevolent deitiy, that takes care of the common people. Like in Hindu-mythology, the different heads, arms and legs represent the different states of mind and matter.
Lord Buddha
Available are all forms and styles of Buddha statues in assorted sizes to suit every requirement. A must in todays troubled environment
Buddha sitting
Buddha is often postured sitting inside a lotus flower. The lotus stands for purity, for purity of mind, since it emerges from the depths of pools and tars evolving into a most beatiful flower.
Fo Hi - The Buddha of Luck
This is actually not the historical Buddha, but a symbolic representation forthcomming from China. If you rubb his belly it is supposed to bring good luck.
Fo Hi, the Buddha of luck, standing
There are different emanations of the lucky Buddha, each one carrying other caracteristic names and items.



The wooden mallets are being used to create an optimal sound and are hence covered with a leather strap. We have different desgins and sizes.




Ganesh under a doorbow
Ganesha is son of Shiva and his consort Parvati. Beheaded over a trivial issue and revived by Shiva with an elephants head.
Goddess Laxmi sitting
Here in a blessing posture.
Lord Indra, sitting
Indra is the head of the Devas. Other than the trinity gods, he is subordinated also to the process of dying and being reborn. Nevertheless he is King of the Devas and the God of thunder and rain.
Radha and Krishna
Krishna is one the most famous mythological figures in the hindu pantheon. He is not only remembered by his heroical deeds in the Mahabharatha (specially in the Bhagavad Gita), but also for his passionated love specially for Radha, his most celebrated lover. This scene shows one of their most romantic moments.
Lord Vishnu
The supreme menifestation of God is represented in the hindu religions by three gods : Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Whereas Vishnu is the Sustainer. He is beleived to have had ten incarnations, including Krishna and Rama. We offer different desings and sizes.
Tara standing
We also offer a variation of different standing Bodhisattvas, including Tara.
Hanuman is the most loyal servant of Rama. He is the son of the wind and has fullfilled amazing tasks hiding Surya (the Sun) under his arm or carrying a whole mountain over the sea in order to help Laxmana, Ramas beloved brother.
Goddess Durga
Durga is an exalted deitiy of the hinduist pantheon. She not only is the goddess of strengh, will and fierceness, but also the Shakti (inherent energy) of all gods. In many myths it is Durga who saves the Devas (gods) from destruccion.
Sitting Buddha
Buddha statues exist in a large variation. We offer a sortiment of different statues, including the sitting Budhha rendering different Mudras (symbolic postures of the hands).
Buddha teaching
As we know, Buddha is an undisputed historical Person. It has become tradition to posture him also making his teachings, either sitting or standing.
Manjushri is one of the most mapped but unrecognized Bodhisatvas of the tibetian Buddhist tradition. He represents youth, strengh, keenness and the ability of perception.



The Vajra (Sankrit) or Dorjee (Tibetian) can be translated as thunderbolt. It represents the creative energy and is added to most of the ritualistic items used during special meditations or initiations. (Also see Ritual items)
Vajra blade
One of the different ritual items we offer.
Tibet prayer bells
Avaiable in three sizes. Represents the female energy as complementary counterpart to the Dorjee. To soothen your conscience. (Also see : Dorjee Bells).
The Prayer Wheel
The prayer wheels are being rotated, releasing the prayer that is written on the paper fixed inside the wheel. We offer different desgins and sizes.
Om is a holy sound or a holy syllable that is connencted to the prozess of creation, but also of preservation. It has found his way from Hinduism into Buddhism. These OMs are to be hung on the wall, but we also carry different other designs.
Chinese Fighters
From a huge selection of Oriental mythological figures , including the dragons. They can endevour your spirit and help you surpass challenges and defiances.
Dragons are mythical figures that appear both in Europe and Asia. We have a variety of different figures that represent rather the Asian styles.
Incense bowl with dragon motive
These incense bowls are aesthetically very pleasing. They create a mythical atmosphere and allow you to get in touch with the spirit of the dragon.
Shivalingam with snake
The Lingam is supposed to the the basic form (Dhruva) of Shiva. He represents everything concerning creative energy. The serpent is a symbol of wisdom.
Elephants on wheels
In many cultures elephants are seen as symbols of wisdom and good luck. Specially in India, elephants have a large history accompanying man. They are a symbol of wealth, but also of friendship and stability.
Candle Stands
Various designs of candle stands in different sizes.
This is mostly a piece of art, used for decoration. It although still represents the aspects of calling and reaching other people.
Bell Strings
Our seleccion starts from single bell strings and goes up to big heavy bells. They can be hung inside the house or on your terrace. They can also be used for Feng Shui.
Buddha - mask
Masks have a great tradition in Buddhism. They can be used for religious purposes in shrines or just for decoration. This mask is 20*13 cms.
The symbol of the sun is universal to this world, as it inspired various religions and cultures to rise and develop. Some of the different meanings tainted to the sun are energy, light, fire, life, passion, consciousness, virility etc. Our aluminium sun is often used as a Feng-Shui object. We carry two sizes : 11*12 and 19*18 cms.



Dorjee bells
From a large collectiion of Tibetan religious symbols. (See Ritual Items). The Ghanta also represents the female energy, as the vajra represents the male energy.
We have a selection of different religious tibetian items, such as Vajras (Dorjees) and Ghantas (see Dorjee Bells), Phurpas (symbolic dagger), etc. The parashu stands for the power to sever all wordly ties or atachments.
The twin bells
Bells and their pious sound is a must in every hindu prayer.
Avaiable in three sizes starting from 6cm onwards. We also offer different designs, from dragon motives to prayer verses.
Standing OM
The Om can be used to decorate temples or shrines.
Dragon Lion
from a wide range of oriental mythical figures andd FengShui, includes dragon, fairies, temple lion and all.
Chinese guarding lion
These lions are mostly posted outside of temples, beneath the entrance, in order to protect and guard the building and its inhabitants.
Messingelefanten with Ornamenten
These brass elephants are very precious to look at. They are a very nice and interesting decoration. Our sizes are : 17,5*13/ 9*6,5/ 7*5/ 5,5*4 cms.
We have a collection of different designs of temples , available in different sizes.
Three tortoises
These tortoises are a symol of Feng Shui. They are supposed to bring luck and prosperity.
Used to carry Royal letters in yesteryears, now can be used to keep incense sticks.
The Persian touch to Indian art. They are mostly used to decorate your surrounding.
Dancing Lady
This is an aesthetically pleasing statue, that evokes the spirit of dance and art.
Buddha - mask
Masks have a great tradition in Buddhism. They can be used for religious purposes in shrines or just for decoration. This mask is 16*15 cms.